Get this girl some chap stick.

The Internet has fallen in love with hood jam connie, which is a lot more than the 10-year-old was reaching for.

Her Vine, meant to win only one heart, that of hood jam james, includes a lot of uncomfortable lip-licking, eye-inking, and throwing up the deuces, all set to a jazzy beat. She sent her dispatch out with the caption "for my baby hood jam james (winky-face emoji, side-eye emoji), but it ended up being for everyone else. (Click the bottom right for sound)

While the rest of her Vines are decidedly innocent, you can watch the number of loops scroll to well past ten million in the bottom left corner of her love note. Her popularity indicates that the entire Internet is trying to understand if they are watching awkward adolescenet flailing, or the next Disney sanctioned sex-bot. In their effort to deal with the pre-teen communique, she has become a meme.

Grown women want to be her.

Guys wanna be her, too.

Some people can't handle her action.

But I think this one represents her as the Christmas miracle we know she is.

Sadly by the looks of his profile photo, it seems like her crush, hood jam james, is taken. :(

That's alright, Connie. You're still so young, and I feel like the potato-flew-around-my-room-guy is really perfect for you.


Sources: h/t Daily Dot