These dudes are totally TAF (Tolerant As F**k)!


We don't care if they're at Emerson, or if they look like they're about to invite us to a performance art opening followed by a warehouse party in Bushwick. They're still a frat and it still counts! As the video says, in raising funds for their transgender female-to-male fraternity brother's "Top" surgery (double mastectomy and chest reconstruction), they're trying to tell a story. Possible titles of that story: "Kegstand For Tolerance!" "Rage(r) Against The Closing Of The Mind!" "Hazing Bigotry Until It Decides Not To Pledge After All!" Yes we know this frat is probably about as fratty as a downtown women's theater collective but so what? Let us live in a world where these guys are the definition of frat dudes, okay?

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