We should just start writing an article any time a frat does something that isn't shitty.

Not sexy, but at least it's creepy and illegal. (State College Police via Huffington Post)


If your sense of outrage is getting tired from all the stories of fraternities doing awful things, you might want to sit this one out. I guarantee, another will come along by the time you catch your breath.

The latest incident involves a frat at Penn State (what?!) violating the privacy of women (no!) without their consent (shut your mouth!) Brothers at Kappa Delta Rho were caught running a private Facebook page called "2.0." The page, which had nearly 150 members, was used for different purposes, ranging from negotiating drug deals to distributing nude photos of sleeping and passed out women. One of the victims found her picture on the page and reported it, leading police to a treasure trove of incriminating screenshots:

ur a criminal bro lol (via Onward State)

The 2.0 page is actually the successor to KDR's original page, entitled "Covert Business Transactions," which was shut down in April of last year after another victim discovered it and threatened to expose them. If these frat boys want to stay in the revenge porn business, they should at least get better at covering their tracks. Facebook? If this page were on Ello, no one would ever have known.

Penn State has placed KDR on suspension, and is launching an investigation. The national office of the fraternity is also looking into it. Only time will tell if the chapter will be disbanded, scattering its members to the 1,000 other Penn State frats, or if it will be allowed to continue, so that its new Facebook page "3.0" (or whatever Daniel Tosh-inspired name they come up with) can rise from the ashes of its predecessors. Either way, maybe the brothers should consider abandoning Greek life for any of the more wholesome alternatives. One thing's for sure, though: if KDR is shut down, it'll be a waste of the best address a frat house ever had:

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