Amy Barnes with Georgia State Senator Vincent D. Fort. (via

Good news, fellow Americans: we can still shout "F*ck the police!" whenever we find it necessary.

You probably thought shouting stuff was your First Amendment right, and you were correct. Amy Elizabeth Barnes, a political activist, was arrested in Cobb County, Georgia in the spring of 2012 for shouting "Cobb police suck!" and "F*ck the police!" at a group of officers interrogating an African-American man outside a convenience store.

Barnes then sped off on her bicycle, and the cops abandoned the dude and went after her. She was arrested and held for 23 hours, including 6 hours in solitary confinement. Barnes was charged with "inciting an immediate breach of the peace." Barnes' lawyer, Cynthia Counts, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the police, "argued that it was a bad neighborhood and you shouldn't disrespect the police because it could create issues." But this not-super-Constitutional excuse was struck down in federal court by a judge who also awarded Barnes $100,000.

Barnes isn't necessarily the First Amendment hero America wants, though. She was arrested in 2013 after her four and five-year-old children were found playing alone on a playground a few blocks from her home. Police investigated and found "raw sewage, feces, dirt, moldy food and dog food on the floors, exposed electrical wires throughout the house," and a "German Shepherd in dire need of medical care."


Dammit, if we can't trust the police and we can't trust the people who yell expletives at them, who can we trust?

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