Don't they know that's how babies are made?

When you do it drunk on a Tuesday night after last call, it's desperation. When they do it, it's art. 

Tatia Pllieva asked twenty strangers to meet, and then almost immediately share a deep, passionate kiss. The video captures the initial awkwardness, the brief "so why'd you agree to do this" chit chat, followed by some committed, open-mouth makeouts. It's oddly affecting, perhaps because this kind of thing is usually done by a YouTube prank team accosting strange women on a college campus, not on a soundstage with proper lighting and lilting music. 

Tune in next week to find out who's still Frenching!

UPDATE: It was an ad. For a clothing company called WREN. They're all actors.

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: H/T BuzzFeed | Tatia Pllieva