And a child will lead them.

Here's a clip of what pretty much amounts to science fiction turned fact. Joy on a subway platform. Strangers inspired to shake free of their scowls and stony postures and lose themselves to a moment of wild dance. It's the stuff of myth, an absolute anomaly, and it's all thanks to the infectious happiness of an adorable little girl.

Recorded in November at the Bedford L platform in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and posted to the YouTube account of married buskers Coyote and Crow, here's a whole bunch of strangers dancing to a cover of the Grateful Dead's "Me And My Uncle."

Are you going to be the one who leaves a little girl alone out there on the dance floor? Even if the dance floor happens to be a disgusting slab of concrete just five feet above all the rats in the world? Didn't think so.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Coyote and Crow | h/t reddit