Ask your vet if getting your dog high is right for you.

Everybody knows.

Nevada lawmaker Democrat Tick Segerblom has proposed a bill that would make it legal to obtain medical marijuana for your pet. Of course, this would only be for instances when your pet's vet recommends it to "mitigate the symptoms or effects of a chronic or debilitating medical condition."

Chronic for chronic, that's what I always say.

The bill doesn't seem to mention how one would administer the drug, or dosing. Side effects may include, but are not limited to: increased sleepiness and paranoia in cats, extreme turtle slowness, additional sunglass-wearing from dogs, and rabbits "seeing music." Ask your vet if getting your dog high is right for you.


At this point, the responsible pet-owner in me would like to remind everyone that getting your pet stoned for recreation is generally considered animal cruelty, even amongst the stoner crowd. Animals don't really like to get high like people do, and may just freak out because they didn't choose to do it and don't understand what is happening. Let's let the vets decide how and when to administer the weed.

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