Hahahah that dude on the left. (via Hernando County Sheriff)

Logan Brown, 18, and Christopher Ramos, 20, are the stars of the greatest stoner caper of all time. Last week they blazed up and broke into an elementary school in Spring Hill, Florida (sigh), where they stole a bunch of Froot Loops (good choice, arguably one of the tastiest stoner snacks).

The sheriff's office described this activity by saying they were "going on an adventure."

I bet it was. I remember how small those chairs were, I can't believe we used to fit in them.

Once they got in (the report does not include how, allowing us to imagine something like this), they wandered the halls until they found an open classroom stocked with Froot Loops. Jackpot. 

They nabbed the Loops, but security cameras caught video of them on the premises. Check them out, you're not going to believe this.

Head lamps and fatigues!

Sources: Tampa Tribune | h/t Gaawker