Bob Ross was known for being able to make beautiful landscapes in minutes with seeming effortlessness. He transformed his hair the same way.

"Shoot. Let's have some fun." (via YouTube)

Nothing made staying home sick from school more worthwhile than flipping on PBS and letting Bob Ross make you feel like you could paint anything in the world. More soothing than Vicks rub, Ross's half-open shirt, soft, melodic voice, and—most importantly—his afro, were all part of the healing process.

Turns out, it was his hair that was processed.

Here's a picture that redditor DXGypsy unearthed of the man who permanantly personified trees as being "happy," circa 1970.

As DXGypsy mentions in the comments section, "The fro was a perm."

Shoot. Let's paint a happy little fro. (via Imgur)

From the same comment thread, someone else found a picture of Ross from his military days.

Let's put down our sad little guns. (via reddit)

Apparently, this wasn't even a fashion choice, he just permed it to save on haircuts. Not sure how that math works out, but somehow Bob always makes things work out.

And now, because you've held the thermometer to the lightbulb for fifteen seconds, here's a short clip of him painting a quiet pond. Go on. You deserve it.