She could give a fuck.

Looks like you can't say fuck in a grocery store anymore, or you're going to get fucking arrested. 

Danielle Wolf of Augusta was grocery shopping with her husband and children when police placed her under arrest. Apparently, a busybody narc in the store noticed her using the f-word, considered it child abuse, and called the cops. What is even more fucked up is that the cops took this seriously and charged her with disorderly conduct.

Wolf told WJBF about the woman who followed her around the Kroger, "She's like, 'you said the f-word', and I'm like, 'when did I say this to my kids?"

The incident report has all the obscene details. Specifically, the fuck-narc was following her down the bread aisle when she observed Wolf tell her children to "stop squishing the fucking bread."

Fuck may be a powerful word, but apparently it wasn't powerful enough to get Wolf's kids to stop squishing the fucking bread, because they kept squishing the fucking bread. So Wolf had to repeat herself. This was all too fucked for the narc so she narced the fuck out of Wolf and got the cops involved. 

Wolf remembers the scene, "He was like, 'You're under arrest'...right in front of my kids, in front of my husband, in front of customers."

Un-fucking-believable. Wolf and her family had only been living in South Carolina for three weeks when she learned how seriously the locals take their bread aisle. 

And Wolf says that's not even what went down. She said that she was telling her husband not to squish the fucking bread because he was putting frozen fucking pizzas on top of it. 

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Wolf still has to appear in court for the case, although she has received an apology call from the lady who narced her out, saying that hearing the f-word triggered memories of her own abusive childhood. She was trying to protect Wolf's children the way that no one protected her. 

That might have been the right thing to do... if those kids were actually being abused. 

But watching their mom get arrested will probably fuck them up way more than just hearing the word "fuck."

(by Myka Fox)

Sources: WJBF | h/t Death and Taxes