What else are young hot things supposed to do in the sunshine besides flatten each other in giant Indiana Jones balls?

Zorbs, as everybody knows, are giant inflatable balls you can put your body inside of. DUH. Some of them are small enough that you can run around on your legs while it covers everything from the waist up. This is perfect for Bubble Soccer, the hilarious full-contact version of soccer that mostly involves running into other people at full speed. Other Zorbs, like the ones in this video, are big enough to fit three of your hot friends inside with a selfie stick and a lot of water for some reason.

You brought a big rigid stick into an inflatable ball, because you are invincible.

Obviously, the thing to do after stuffing your sexy buddies in this ball, besides film yourselves having sex while safely falling down a mountain, is to flatten your other hot friends on an obstacle course. None of them will be injured, because that's not what happens to pretty people. Other people break arms just by falling down, but pretty people can rest assured that none of their limbs will get caught at an awkward angle as the giant ball rolls harmlessly over them because they are young and sexy and having fun.


What fucking planet do I live on?