Aw, Helle no. (via @TheBlogPirate)

These may be the four most important photographs to come out of Nelson Mandela's funeral. Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who has a reputation for being a bit starstruck, seems delighted to be seated next to U.S. President and Guy Who Is Pretty Decent At Basketball Barack Obama.


Michelle Obama, on the other hand, looks really, really irritated. Whether that's because she is sad Mandela died or she's put off by people flirting with her man or, I dunno, maybe Michelle's just really frustrated that Thorning-Schmidt broke so many of her campaign promises to the Danish people, it makes for a shocking sequence of photos that the Internet has really enjoyed reading way too much into.

"I can't believe I get such an amazing close-up on Barack Obama's mourning process." (via @TheBlogPirate)


Step off, Helle. We need at least one American politician to be faithful to his wife. (via @TheBlogPirate)

BUT WAIT! Perhaps Michelle's frustration came not from annoyance at a flirting blonde, but annoyance that her husband was taking selfies with Prime Minister David Cameron and Thorning-Schmidt at a funeral?

The most self-important selfie of 2013? (via Slate)

The selfie already made it onto (slash justified the existence of) Selfies At Funerals, and it is certainly a game changer for our list of the most important selfies of 2013.

Please tell me at least one of them said "Selfie!" in a sing-songy voice a second before this shot was snapped. Please tell me it was David Cameron.

Sources: h/t redditor Iconicqt