Welcome to the longest three minutes of your life.

I've never completed a marathon. I've never even started one. But if the sense of accomplishment one gets after running 26.2 miles feels anything like how I felt after watching this entire 3-minute video, it must be pretty satisfying.

The clip titled I Dare You To Watch This Video appears to be making the point that the ever-increasing online competition for our eyes, ears and minds has left us all with the attention span of a spider monkey.

Think you're up for the 3-minute challenge? I'll even do it with you. Close any other windows in your browser and get in a comfortable position. In 3, 2, 1... Go for it!

Whoa! That felt good, right? I actually started cramping around the 90-second mark. And my mind definitely drifted a few times. But knowing that we were in this together helped me fight through the pain, focus on the goal, and finish what we'd started together.

I'm so pumped right now I feel like I could run a marathon. Or at least challenge myself to a six-minute video.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


Sources: College Humor