You think Bob Barker is 89? Higher! Higher!

I just watched this clip of Bob Barker celebrating his 90th birthday on The Price is Right and it was really sweet. Bob looked great and seemed to be having fun. He did the "Come on down!" call for the very first time. At one point he even got flirty with a much younger contestant of about 70. Bob may no longer be the host, but he clearly still has some game.

Meanwhile, all I could think was, "Forget Bob, look at Drew Carey!" He looks like he's invented a time-traveling elliptical machine. Drew looks ten years younger and a good forty pounds lighter than when he took over the show back in 2007. Here's what he looked like next to Bob several years ago:

Drew Carey as an older man back in 2009. (Getty)

Somehow hosting The Price is Right not only stops the aging process, it kicks its ass and sends it running in the other direction. It's like the game show version of The Picture of Dorian Gray where the hosts stay young by sucking the life out of the spokesmodels. It's the only way to explain how they've gone through about fifty of them and only two hosts. Well, I guess sexism might help explain it, but that's not nearly as fun as the idea of a Game Show Fountain of Youth!


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Youtube | UPROXX