Unfortunately, this is not Colbert fighting Gamergate in a new Oculus Rift Room prototype.

You knew it would have to hit his desk eventually, and you knew pretty much exactly what it was going to be, but it's still noteworthy and great nonetheless to see Stephen Colbert take on Gamerghazi (which I prefer to Gamergate because Watergate ended up leading somewhere). He is traditionally a popular figure on many of the same online forums—he has, after all, been trolling right-wing media since day one—where Gamergate thrives. 

I'm sure the dregs of Internet humanity will quickly assert that they've always hated him and that he's a Social Justice Warrior for sitting down and having a reasonable conversation with Anita Sarkeesian about her hardly-groundbreaking views regarding gaming's tendency to marginalize women by depicting them as weak objects for rescue or purchase. 

But maybe this will make one of them very sad, and that gives me hope for all of us.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Colbert Report