Join me in hell or read the description below.

Japanese gameshows. Do you know how much American blogs write about you? What I'm asking is, did you see into my brain somehow and perfectly devised the exact scenario in which I would be compelled to watch a clip of my personal nightmare brought to life?

Presumably there's dozens, maybe hundreds, of people involved in the making of Japanese gameshows, from concept to execution. I don't know who to blame for this. I knew who to blame that time I found a cockroach in my pancake. I knew who to blame when my cat chased a water bug into my bed. I knew who to blame when I stepped on a slug in my bare feet. WHO DID THIS?!


If you don't want to watch the clip: they blow a roach back and forth through that tube in a panic and eventually it shoots right down the girl on the right's throat. She looks grossed out, but also liberated, because the worst has happened.

Sources: Daily Haze | h/t Mashable