We'd date all these nerds.

Heeeyyyy-lo, ladies! (via Imgur)

They looked better without the helmets but this looks sweet too! (via Imgur)

Genuinely scared by this one. (via Imgur)

We devoted a whole post to this guy today! (via Imgur)

Now it's a party! (via Imgur)

I'm so excited about this one, I'm dancing in some dirt! (via That Guy You Know)

Crazy 88 inches, if you add both their heights. (via Imgur)

"Super green!" as Ruby Rod would say. (via That Guy You Know)

I'm literally dead after seeing this. (via That Guy You Know)

Dressing as the guy who appreciates nerdy things the most. Meta!
(via That Guy You Know)

An infinite number of choices and he went with a classic. (via That Guy You Know)


The all-powerful Sarlacc face. (via That Guy You Know)

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