A comic book artist just made so many dreams come true by drawing Disney princesses as raptors.

Most women have more in common with this Raptor than the original Snow White.
(via XP Web Comic)


Do love the idea of a fairy tale ending but get caught up in the unrealistic portrayal of the women in animation? Did your childhood toy chest include both dinosaurs and princess dresses? Have you ever wanted to tear a dress to shreds like a wild animal? Then these amazing drawings are for you. Actually, these are for everyone!

Jasmine's ponytail is still flawless. (via XP Web Comic)

Artist Laura Cooper combined her passions perfectly in these hilarious drawings. On her site, she wrote:

"This is my collection of Disney Princesses as raptors. In honor of the movie Jurassic World, I decided to illustrate some raptors the way I feel they should be portrayed; as princesses. In the words of my self, “A princess is many things, and a raptor is one of them."

Just to make sure you read that amazing quote coined by Laura herself, here it is again:

“A princess is many things, and a raptor is one of them."

It's true, princesses are everywhere, sometimes they even make up entire softball teams. Laura illustrated all the big names in Disney, including Belle, Mulan and Ariel-eating-Ursula.

Pocahontas scared away the settlers. (via XP Web Comic)

If Friends were to film reunion episodes, these would be in the storyline when Ross and Monica Gellar worked together to create a comic book.

Sources: Laura Cooper | h/t Mashable