After an Australian TV show made a social media post shaming women who had their private photos leaked, feminist writer Clementine Ford fought back with nudity.

When WILL women learn they're not safe? (via BuzzFeed)


Revenge porn enthusiasts had a big day recently when they hacked the accounts of more than 500 women, and posted/stole nudes galore. How you respond to nude photo leaks says a lot about how you see women's right to their bodies.The Australian TV show Sunrise responded with a Facebook post saying, "What's it going to take for women to get the message about taking and sending nude photos?" which seems to be saying that when someone breaks into your computer and steals private photos, it's your fault. For being violated.

Okay. One way to look at it. This is Clementine Ford's response to them:

I have taken nude photos of myself and sent them to lovers. I've taken nude photos of myself when I'm bored. I've taken...

Posted by Clementine Ford on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here's my favorite excerpt:

When will women learn? Learn what? That our bodies do not belong to us? That we have no right to determine who sees those bodies, touches those bodies, fucks those bodies, and shares in those bodies? Honey, we don't need to learn that. We already know the answer. We don't have those rights. We are not allowed to be the masters of ourselves, only the gatekeepers.
Fuck your bullshit, Sunrise. You're an antiquated, pedestrian piece of rubbish and you truck in misogyny and everyday sexism. Consent is what happens when you give permission. Theft and assault is what happens when people take it from you despite you saying no.
Sources: Clementine Ford | h/t BuzzFeed