The color of the cake reveals that there's a girl inside her, for once.

Cher Lair, of North Carolina, has had six boys. It's unclear if she has been trying for girls and that's why she has 6 children with another on the way or if she's just trying to catch up with the Duggar family. The title of her imaginary reality show would be Lair's Lair, obviously.

This story does have a fairytale quality: once upon a time a woman who had six sons was carrying her seventh child. Her friends served her a cake which would reveal the gender of this coming baby, as they had the test results for some magical reason. Nervously, she cut into this delicacy...and it was pink! PINK. That means a girl, right? RIGHT?

And they all lived happily ever after, unless it's some kind of mistake.

How do all of her sons feel when they see how tired of their penises she is? Well, little 5-year-old Houston Lair told ABC 11 that he's sick of girls, too, maybe because he's only ever met his mom:

"I ran out the door. I'm sick of girls."


Just wait, Houston. Just wait. If this is how bananas your mom is about her baby girl now, get ready for a serious princessification of your home.

Sources: ABC 11 | Andrea Silvey