Nice going, Einstein.

Ever wanted to prove you're smart, like, really quickly and without much effort? So does everyone else on Facebook. You've seen 'em posting their results, all proud of themselves. Almost every person on my feed has been proud of their 126 IQ which, according to this random scale I found, puts them at a "very superior intelligence."

After all, what is Facebook for, if not to feel very superior?

YouTube's 32pritch decided to make everyone feel really stupid by seeing if he could outsmart the smart calculator. Watch him take the test by just quickly clicking randomly like a someone who is trying to wake their computer from sleep mode. The tester has become the tested.

Wow, 110. According to that scale his random clicking has "superior intelligence." With the tiniest bit more effort he could get himself into the exclusive Mensa online dating pool

Ready to feel very super exceptionally superior? Take the test yourself

(by Myka Fox)


Sources: h/t reddit