Skip the movies at the Pavilion (ew), but lunches at Bierkraft? I'd date him.

Are you the kind of woman who wants to look for love, but you're just too lazy to look beyond the three-block radius surrounding your couch? Of course you are because life is exhausting. Well, here comes your man, and he's got a flyer for you to read.

Comedian Scott Rogowsky (formerly of someecards!) is trying to drag the convenience of the dating profile back into the analog world. Sick of commuting for dates with the women he meets online, Scott's ironically putting a whole lot of effort into meeting them right where he lives. It's not such a bad idea. By standing on the corner of his block, stuffing copies of his profile into the hands of female passersby, he's allowing women to find out if his profile photo is bullshit right there on the spot! That's honesty which is important in romance I'm told.

Watch offline dating in action in the video below. I can confirm that he's already been on at least one date thanks to the new method, which proves how good he is at streamlining: he can make a comedy video and arrange a potential hookup in one fell swoop. So if you like dating guys who really don't want you to inconvenience them in any way whatsoever, Scott's waiting for you (but not for too long).


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Running Late with Scott Rogowsky