1. The time a scrotum ran a marathon to raise cancer awareness.


What you expect from genitals is personal, but probably not as varied as it could be. A penis can be used in all sorts of unexpected and surprising ways if you have the imagination and flexibility to let in something new. For example, Jack Woodward ran the London Marathon dressed as testes to raise money for cancer research. That scrotum not only promoted cancer awareness, it ran a damn marathon! And that's just the base of what a penis can be. Let's move onto the main event.

Here are 10 examples of gonads that really went above and beyond the norm. If you've never been impressed by a phallus maybe this is the list that'll make you say, "Oooooooh!"

2. The time Wanksy the street artist drew dicks to get potholes filled.

An anonymous artist who calls himself Wanksy started using temporary paint to tag potholes in his town with wangs to call attention to the terrible state of the roads and warn bikers from a distance. Now those holes are getting filled.