I'm not old or blind, but I'd probably be just as helpless crossing that road.

We may be closer to a proxy war with Russia than we have been in decades, but at the same time we've never had a better opportunity to peer into their country and see that there are a lot of good folks there. Don't get me wrong, the proliferation of dash cams in Russia is due in part to people needing protection against crazy folks who try to throw themselves in front of cars and act injured.

Nevertheless, it gives us a chance to see something really touching, like this motorcycle driver who put himself between oncoming traffic and this elderly blind man inching across a 6 lane road with his cane. I'm pretty sure the Boy Scouts don't allow Ruskies (among other types people), but maybe we can send him an honorary merit badge. Now if only he would pick up some "insurgents" from Ukraine and drive them back home.

This is the second chivalrous motorcycle video we've seen recently. Just last week a Romanian biker picked up a man who missed his bus and helped him catch up with it at the next stop.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: barrys on YouTube