Crying now.

This spot has been making the rounds for a few days. It's been sitting near the top of Gawker's "Top Stories" links for over a week now. Curious about this commercial that puts "Hollywood films to shame," I finally watched and, yeah, tears.

The ad was put out by True Move, the cellphone arm of Thai communications company True Corporation, which is also a cable and Internet provider. 

So, one of the most emotionally affecting commercials ever made is advertising for what is probably one of the most loathed corporations in existence (if they're anything like Time Warner Cable, AT&T, or any other communications company that has its customers in a head-lock of terrible service). It makes sense this would be a cell phone and cable provider's commercial. Their business model depends on people generously giving them monthly subscription service fees while expecting nothing in return that might resemble quality service.

One wonders if this is as big a hit in Thailand, which has a pretty comprehensive system of universal healthcare, as it is in America, where most people's only hope of getting affordable care is being treated by a doctor they helped out of a jam thirty years prior. My cholesterol is pretty high lately so, in the interest of my health, I'm going to go drive around and help people fix flat tires.

(by Bob Powers)

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