Both parties can agree that those boots are awesome.

Shutdown or no shutdown, this is an awesome wedding pic and more newlyweds should consider adding it to the repertoire of standard wedding photo poses. It's basically saying, "Fuck you harshness of existence. We found love in a world full of hate. Eat it!"

Of course, considering the circumstances of this pic, the middle finger is clearly intended for congress and all those who spend hundreds of millions to influence it. The Redditor who shared the pic provided the backstory: "My friends we supposed to get married at Yosemite this weekend. Thanks to the Government shutdown they had to reschedule last minute. They just posted this pic." 

And they didn't even have the luxury of having their rescheduled ceremony officiated by Stephen Colbert. Republicans have already proven they are content with their shutdown taking food from the poor and healthcare from those who need it, but now they're trying to put an end to straight marriage (in government-run parks)?!! It's time for Americans to write to their Republican congressmen and demand an end to the war on straight marraige (in government-run parks)!


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor andyrosenberg