Do not hot cross this grandma's buns.

A 14-year-old boy in Enid, Oklahoma got suspended from school and decided to use his free time to see how much more trouble he could get in. He covered his face in a ski mask, pulled up his hoodie, and armed with a bag of weed, a couple packs of cigarettes, and a stick wrapped up to look like a gun, he attempted to rob a convenience store


He picked the wrong spot though, because behind the counter was Kristi Shiemann, clerk, grandma, and all-around badass. 

Either this is a child robber or a really short ghost.

Shiemann noticed the kid all swaddled in his robbery gear and said, "What do you need? You need to go back outside or take that stuff off your face, you can’t be in here like that."

That kind of boldness should have warned the kid as to what was next, but he waited for the store to empty out and pulled his "gun" on her anyway. 

Oh, hell no!

Most people would protect their lives by just forking over the cash, but Shiemann wasn't shy, man. As she told KFOR, she whipped out her "shocking stick," a taser like contraption and yelled "no, no man, stop!'

Not today, little kid!

That's when grandma hopped over the counter, pushed past the would-be child robber, and ran into the back where she enlisted the help of beer delivery guy Brock Nulph. He went out into the store and expertly tackled the delinquent to the ground. 

Sources: KFOR