On average, 80% of the mail you receive consists of social updates, newsletters, and deals. We call this graymail. While you love a good many of those deals, the volume can make you feel inundated on all sides.


While daily deal websites can come up a lot of truly original offers, some of them can just be downright frightening. In observance of Friday the 13th we've collected some very unsettling actual daily deal offers in this list, which was graciously sponsored by Microsoft Hotmail. Enjoy the disturbing offers below, and then check out Hotmail's new features to help you deal with all the graymail in your inbox!


Pretty cute until it gets struck by lightning, comes to life, and starts committing murders. 
(Pic via M. Kos)

Having a stuffed replica of yourself can be fun at first, but eventually it just gets creepy. Just like having an inbox full of discount offers seems like a great idea, but after a while the emails feel like they're replicating of their own accord. With Hotmail’s Schedule Cleanup feature, you can set your inbox to clean itself automatically on a regular basis (a week, a month, or even when the latest one arrives). Hotmail makes it easy to keep your inbox free of all the replicants.


Please let us never find out why this might be necessary.

Your inbox probably lets almost any type of graymail crawl in freely, and it can be hard to find the ones you want. With Hotmail’s new Flagging feature, you can put these important emails straight to the top of your inbox, always visible and easy to find.