Your inbox is likely filled with graymail. Email you signed up for at some point but don’t always want. Over 80% of the average inbox is made up of social updates, newsletters, and deals. We call this graymail. Sometimes you love these newsletters and notifications but they can easily clog up your inbox making it difficult to find the really important stuff.

Sometimes the only good thing about the glut of daily deal newsletters we get is how incredibly insane they are. In case you deleted them unread, we've collected the most bizarre daily deal offers ever sent and compiled them in this list, which was graciously sponsored by Microsoft Hotmail. Hotmail has tons of new features to deal with this type of graymail. Enjoy a few offers below that really make you think twice about signing up in the first place, and then check out Hotmail to help you deal with all the graymail in your inbox!


How big a selling-point is the copy of Titanic signed by a Dicaprio impersonator that it comes before the $60,000 ocean voyage?

While the actual deal itself may claim to be unsinkable, sometimes the emails you care about feel like they’re sinking way below a sea of clutter. With Hotmail’s new Flagging feature, you can put these important emails straight to the top of your inbox so they’re above all the rest, always visible and easy to find… unlike glaciers.


A vein consultation would be nice as our veins do seem like they could use someone to talk to.

Don’t let you inbox swell like varicose veins… with Hotmail’s Schedule Cleanup feature, you can set your inbox to clean itself automatically. With a few clicks you can decide how often you want those daily deals to go to the trash (a week, a month, or even when the latest one arrives).  While your beautiful legs fall prey to old age, you can keep your inbox feeling as young as you do.


I wasn't going to take a trip around the world, then i saw a half-off coupon and thought what the heck.

While you may be brimming with excitement for that new locale you just chose, you unfortunately don’t have that freedom of choice when it comes to fellow passengers. It may so happen that you find yourself getting uncomfortably cozy, verbally with the annoyingly over-eager chatterbox in the seat next to you, or physically with the geriatric who falls asleep on your shoulder. Luckily, Hotmail’s new Categories feature lends you the freedom to choose how to sort your travel deals. Simply apply a category name and you can see them all in one place. Simple. And now you can designate your inbox as a no fly zone.

Sometimes you want these deals, sometimes you don’t. Hotmail gives you new features and options on how best to handle your graymail. No matter what deals you may receive, you have solutions, without the buyer’s remorse.

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