Third rule of gun safety: bring snacks if you're going to be practicing for a while. (file photo)

The first rule of gun safety is don't shoot someone in a class about gun safety. The second rule of gun safety is assume every gun is loaded. An instructor in Fairfield County, Ohio, broke both of those rules this weekend when he demonstrated a self-defense technique and the gun went off. The bullet ricocheted off a desk and hit Michael Piemonte, a student in the front row, in the arm. Piemonte was okay and, remarkably, still plans to buy a gun, which he will presumably keep locked in a safe out of reach of children and gun safety instructors.

Actually, I think students getting shot might be a great addition to any gun safety class. Nothing will help deter reckless gun use better than knowing exactly how unbelievably painful it is to be shot. Just like when you get your driver's license, let's introduce a practical, mandatory Getting Shot Test. If you can still stand/pull a trigger afterward, gun's all yours.

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: CNN