An assault on our right to free tweet. (via)

With very few exceptions, when the words "I love poop" appear on your computer screen, there may be a security issue. That's what users of Tweetdeck found out this morning after the popular tweet organizing app was hacked by cyberpunks specializing in third-grade dick and doodie jokes.

Then things got even more penis-y.

While penis and poop jokes on Twitter are nothing new, you know things are getting weird when My Little Pony gets involved.

Even Rick Astley made an appearance!

At one point, Tweetdeck thought they had the issue under control.

Only they didn't.

So they then took the service offline.

Not sure when the service will be poop-free and functioning, but until then, Twitter user David Wiener offered some pretty sound advice to anyone having an overly-difficult time dealing with the problem.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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