Emily Reay was told to go home and not come back until her hair was less "ginger."

Another day, another redheaded girl sent home from school for being too distractingly bright. The thing about bright red hair is that it does exist in nature. Not really this girl's hair...but there's an argument to be made that you can't for green or purple.

UK teen Emily Reay was sent home from school for electric locks just a few weeks before her A-levels which is ye olde English for "important tests." Emily told the Mirror that this was unexpected:

"I've had the same color for the past three years, and nobody at school has commented on it...Everyone knows me as that 'young ginger singer'...For me it is all about confidence. If I had to dye my hair brown, I would lose that."

Guys, her hair color is wrapped up in her personal brand. You don't mess with that. As someone who also dyes their hair red for confidence and a little spice, I completely understand.


Emily has been attending Trinity School in Carlisle, Cumbria and based on their website, they seem to have ties to the church. That may explain their more conservative style policies. Even though this teen would be readmitted to classes if she just applied a box of dye, I stand with Emily Reay. No one should have to look a certain way to receive an education. Redheads of birth and bottle unite!

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