Bury me in one.

Nice day for a white wedding hair-piece. (via Kirstie Williams)

Kirstie Williams' Etsy Store has the perfect look for anyone going to an Under the Sea themed party or to work at an aquarium or to a sexy night of The Little Mermaid role-playing. Or anything! These are beautiful and funny, so if you love the noble octopus, put one on your head:

(via Kirstie Williams)

Here's what they look like on an actual person, rather than a styrofoam skull:

Put eyes on the back of your head. (via Kirstie Williams)

If you're very crafty, Williams made a step-by-step guide to making your own:

Yeah...anyone could do it... (via Kirstie Williams)


Strange strategy for an Etsy Store, so guess she does it for the love of cephalopods. Totally understand.

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