Have way more than one on me.

Whatever bullshit the Internet throws at us, we owe it to you guys to find out the truth! Or at the very least, offer some baseless speculation. This is Happy Place Investigates.

This video shows a Turkish football fan sneaking an entire crate of beer into a game, using a homemade vest-and-pants smuggling combo. He is, of course, busted—hard. It's almost too good to be true. Are we seeing genuine bro shenanigans interrupted by party killers, or a cheap ploy for Internet fame?

Here are the arguments for and against this video being real:

Arguments for it being real:

  • That guy looks genuinely shifty—the sweating, the nervous laughter, the downward glances—so it's hard to believe he's acting.
  • If this was an ad for beer, we'd be able to see what kind of beer it is.
  • Who knows what goes on in Turkey?

Arguments against it being real:

  • Everyone in the video seems to know something is up (okay, maybe that should go under reasons it's real).
  • The way the security guy lines up the beer bottles is a little too staged.
  • There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be filming this moment unless they know what's about to happen.

In conclusion, we think it's FAKE. That said, we could be wrong.

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