Chase Crawford, you smell like a corpse someone used as a toilet.

Humans are disgusting, no question, and that's never more apparent than when the weather resembles the deepest bowels of hell as it has thus far this summer. You stop walking and begin slithering, leaving behing a trail of gelatinous fluid wherever you go. You can start to feel like it's a fate not suffered by everybody, like maybe sweating is only for the poor, the unattractive, the never-having-been-on-TMZ. But these photos prove that celebrities are just like you: repulsive. Feast your heat-stricken, dehydrated eyes on these ten photos of celebrities (as well as a few "celebrities") proving that they're nothing but walking skin-bags of malodorous ooze, no different from anyone else.



Put your arm down, Tom Cruise, before we start throwing up and never stop.


Hey girl, get as far away from me as you can, unless you want to know what sun-baked garbage smells like.


Did someone fill a slow cooker with a gallon of old mayonnaise? Oh no, that's just the smell of Halle Berry lifting her arm up to wave hello.


The only thing that smells worse than Tim Burton's pillow is this man's undershirts.


Considering most of her upper-body's pores have undergone extensive cosmetic modification, those are some persistent sweat glands.


Hey Mandy Moore. Who's got two index fingers and sweats like Val Kilmer trying to make it to Sizzler before they shut down the buffet?

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