One look at her face and I knew I had to save it from being eaten by me.
 (via Lancashire Telegraph)

Janet Rawlinson, 48, from Cornholme, England became semi-comatose after a bad reaction to morphine she took for her chronic back pain. She went in and out of consciousness for five days, all while her cat, Slinky Malinky, tried to save her life

Slinky tapped on the window of next-door-neighbors Mel and Stephen Sharp, stared at them from their fence, and harassed their dog to get their attention. It worked. The Sharps noticed the cat's strange behavior and realized they hadn't seen Rawlinson for a few days. They broke in through her back door and ended up saving her life. 

Pretty exciting events for those in the pro-cat camp. Until now, dogs have been getting all the life-saving accolades just because they can learn how to detect cancer, while the only cat with any such recognition has been Oscar, the "grim rea-purr," who is famous for calling deaths in a retirement home like a bingo announcer.  Even Rawlinson was surprised by her pet's help, claiming that Slinky had usually been aloof, but ever since the morphine incident he has been a lot more attentive.

Sources: Lancashire Telegraph