And I thought it was nice of me to tip the Seamless guy $5. (screengrab via KEZI9TV)

I try to tip generously, because the service industry is tough and also I don't want to look like an asshole, but I've never given a tip this good. One of the regulars at Conway's Restaurant and Lounge always tips his bartender, 25-year-old Aurora Kephart, in lottery tickets. He buys a few and lets her pick which one of his unplayed Keno tickets to keep. This could actually turn out to be kind of a cheap tip, except for last Thursday, when one of the tickets won $17,500.

Kephart immediately handed it back, but the tipper, who wants to remain anonymous because it's totally classy, insisted that she keep it (though after she cashed it she insisted on giving him some of it). Kephart says she'll probably use the money to buy some couches and then put the rest in savings, which is totally adorable.

Here's coverage of the heartwarming act of generosity from local news station KEZI9:


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

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