Unfortunately for the kid, the race ended at Parris Island, and he's now in boot camp.

If there's one thing the Marines teach you, it's how to inspire your squadmates to keep going at all costs. If there's another thing that gets taught in boot camp, it's how yelling at someone can motivate them to finish long runs and crawl through mud and stuff.

Fortunately for #605 up there, aka 9-year-old Brandon Fuchs, it seems that Lance Corporal Myles Kerr is more of the inspiration-type soldier and less of the R. Lee Ermey "move it, maggot" drill sergeant-type.  LCpl Kerr ended up having the slowest time of anyone in his age group (running in combat boots with a heavy backpack is no excuse, but kindness is), because he chose to slow down and help Brandon, who had become separated from his group. Brandon asked the 19-year-old Marine (with what we can only assume were puppy-dog eyes) "Sir, will you please run with me?"

As LCpl Kerr tweeted after the race, "I was just doing what any man would do, but thank you!" Yes, but we other men would have done it for the Internet glory, not the good deed. To be fair, Kerr did end up with a $100 gift certificate to the Grey Gables Restaurant, which is almost definitely the least anyone could do for our troops.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Seal of Honor Facebook