The tyranny of the claw will rule us no longer.

Some children show up at an arcade just to play games. Others show up to win. The girl pictured at this South Florida arcade falls into the latter.

According to the parent (of another child) who shared her photo of the incident on reddit, the little girl wriggled into the claw machine and "passed out free stuffed toys to patrons unknown to arcade workers." The photographer said the arcade was soon filled with gamers who "seemed to have great luck at the machine today." 

Perhaps she'd grown to realize the game was fixed and the claw always wins, and she couldn't tolerate it anymore. Perhaps she's a real world Daenerys Targaryen, who in last night's Game of Thrones arrived in Meereen and tossed barrels of torn shackles at slaves with the promise to release them too. Look how this little girl points triumphantly to the pictured woman's chosen bounty. She clearly took it upon herself to release this South Florida arcade's slaves to the claw. But instead of shackles, she bestowed upon them musty Snoopy dolls.

A leader is born.

Sources: Redditor Palmbchgirl