If you're looking for a way to not eat all the chocolate in your house, you didn't have to turn your house into chocolate. (Via Bathroom Sweets)


The grossest thing I've seen today is the direct result of people's spelling errors. When some customers log on to bathrooms.com looking to buy a bathroom suite, many times they type in the word "sweet." Generally speaking, thats no big deal. If an accident is going to happen, you want it to be in a bathroom. 

Bathrooms.com decided to take this accident literally though, and create an actual "bathroom sweet" by building an entire bathroom made of chocolate. Because the only thing more disgusting than a pun is a chocolate bathroom.

Bathrooms.com wants to take the grossest thing to clean in my whole house and turn it into food? How much am I getting paid to eat this? It's like a party game. How much to eat 9.4 million calories—that's 12 years of calories—in bathroom chocolate? I don't know.... a few million dollars at least, provided I get to vomit into a real toilet as I go. 

Turns out, this isn't some challenge from the movie Se7en, this is a real thing that bathrooms.com and  -- get this -- British chocolatier "Choccywoccydoodah" -- have made for you to actually buy. And it ain't cheap. The whole suite (sweet?), thats a bathtub, sink, toilet, and bidet (gross), is to be sold for $133,000. This is a good deal if you just want to flush your money directly down the cocoa crapper. If you want to save some cash, they are also selling these pieces a la carte. How about just the toilet?

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