This baby doesn't need another baba.

No matter how messed up you think you got this weekend, if you didn't get yourself stuck in a high chair, you're doing OK.

Either this petite British guy got drunk to the point he thought this stunt would impress his friends, or he is a baby who went through one hell of a rapid growth spurt. Either way, witnesses respected the law of whatever these moments are and made sure to memorialize it (humiliate their mate) with a video. 

We never get to see this baby man free himself from the chair, even though he valiantly attempts to help his cause by removing his pants. The no-pants-thing does do a good job to complete the image though.

Maybe they call it a high chair because this you'd have to get high as fuck to want to get in one. 


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: h/t Gawker