God hates flags!

I like to think God hates us all equally. (photo via Westboro Baptist Church, which blows)


Whoopsie daisy! Looks like our favorite vicious hate group masquerading as a religious organization made a little "uh-oh" and accidentally pulled out the wrong flag during one of their odious attempts to reserve the hottest section in hell.

They wanted to stomp all over the Irish flag during the tantrum they threw in reaction to Ireland legalizing same sex marriage, but they brought the Ivory Coast flag instead. It's an easy mistake for a group of truly loathsome assholes to make—both flags are tricolor with white in the middle and orange and green on the sides—but orange goes on the left on the Ivory Coast flag.

I know you're probably thinking, "Hey, couldn't that just be the Irish flag from behind?" Then you're probably thinking, "Wait, why am I defending the Westboro Baptist Church, a collection of the most execrable human beings that ever slimed their way across God's green earth? Then you're probably thinking, "Well, truth is truth and that's all I care about. After all, didn't Ghandi say 'the truth shall set you free?'" Nope! That's from the Bible, moron.

Anyway, I've got some truth for you: not only does the Irish flag have colors in a different order, it's also a different shape. The proportions of Ivory Coast's flag are a boxy 2:3, while the Irish flag is a svelte 1:2.

Kiss me, I'm Irish. (via Wikipedia)

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