Shhhh.... don't tell anyone I got Monica to go down on me, too. (via Fox 32 Chicago)

It's an ad in Chicago for "Ashley Madison." You know, that website you go on to cheat on your spouse, or to catch your spouse cheating, depending.

Sure, they got some tepid word-play out of the name of Hillary's book, Hard Choices (what do they mean, "harder?" "Harder" as in it is harder to keep your husband faithful than it is to make decisions about Benghazi? Or "harder" as in the turgidity of a penis that’s about to mouth fuck an intern?), but she’s the worst choice for a website that promotes cheating. She was the victim in one of the most famous cheating scandals of all time, it’s like using Seabiscuit to promote glue.

I guess they are trying to appeal to women and get them to the site, but Hillary is a case-making study in standing by your man. At best, her use in this ad is as a cautionary warning: might as well fool around on your husband, 'cuz he's already doing it.

They should have gone with the hero of the story, Bill, or with Monica for the eye candy. (If POTUS thinks she’s hot, she’s hot. Case closed.)

Ashley Madison’s CEO Noel Biderman defended his billboard via a Skype interview with Fox 32, saying, "it's not an easy choice. People, women in particular, don't come to affairs lightly."

...but Hillary didn't have the affair, that was Bill, dum-dum.

"They try and explore alternatives within their relationship," Biderman justifies. "For many, its a last effort before separation."

Now there's your ad slogan: "Hurry up and cheat before your inevitable divorce."

(by Myka Fox)

Sources: Fox 32 Chicago | h/t BuzzFeed