To be fair, I'd totally claim to be homeless for such a nice-looking apple.

Scott Rogowsky, host of the New York stand-up show Running Late with Scott Rogowsky (and formerly of someecards), is very concerned about NYC's large population of shiftless, hairy, unwashed, unemployable, poorly dressed youth. He's also concerned about the homeless.

Who says you can't make money playing kickball and wearing oversized kids' clothes?

Scott takes food, clothing, and money to Brooklyn's McCarren Park, the epicenter of East Coast hipsterdom. There he encounters the shaggy unkempt youth that represent the best, brightest and most ironic minds of our generation. Like many people, he mistakes their consciously bad fashion decisions for an unlucky hand in life and offers them help, with mixed but amusing results.

True fact: Homeless people LOVE Avicii.

Best case scenario: being pitied by a man in a picnic table shirt, tortoise-shell glasses and blue blazer makes these underachievers feel so bad that they finish grad school and get jobs. Worst-case scenario: laid-off bloggers turn their writing skills away from making the next great webseries and towards some really meta panhandling signs that make you want to donate so you can look like you "get it."

If you enjoyed seeing Scott awkwardly interact with the denizens of Brooklyn, consider his even less thinly-veiled attempt to meet women.


(by Johnny McNulty)