Use this key if you're ready for things to get steamy.

According to Reddit-user cassiebear, who posted these pics, she wasn't able to be at home when the gas man came by to fix her water heater. Rather than leave a boring, impersonal note telling him where things were and what's what, she decided to toy with his emotions, intrigue him with romance, and maybe make him panic that he's about to be sacrificed to a lonely lady gone mad from lack of hot water. Let's take a walk through what his mind-set must have been while journeying into cassiebear's home.


Oh dear God is that blood?! Oh God I knew one day I'd walk in on a murder. And no one knows where I was for the past two hours. Oh God I'm going to be framed for a crime I didn't commit! I need to dispose of the body and—

Oh wait, rose petals.

She wants more than just gas.

I've heard of this kind of thing happening to plumbers. Cable guys, too, sure. But this is a first for me.

What if she doesn't find me attractive and turns me away?

What if I fall in love?

Would it work? Could it work?

Oh will you just get out of your head for a minute and finally start living your life? This is a dream come true! 

Now you go in there, gas man, and you make love to that woman waiting on the other side of that door!

Aw man! Why do I ever get my hopes up that something exciting will happen to me?

When am I going to accept that this is it. There's not going to be any big adventure. This is my life.

At least she said thank you.

I'm keeping those goddamn rose petals, too. They were flowers and they were given to me so they are mine!

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor cassiebear