Even more shocking, it is currently 85 degrees in AZ.

According to AZ Family, the firefighters thought they were receiving a prank call Saturday when they were asked to help rescue a horse from a swimming pool, a sort of next level cat-out-of-tree situation. When they got there, they realized they had a very soaked equine on their hands. Apparently, 12-year-old "Stormy" belongs to the homeowners and is allowed to roam freely around their property.

You finally get a horse, name him "Stormy," and then you let him go in the swimming pool? Nay!

Stormy was in the shallow end, and after seeing so many images of horses running through rivers you would think he would have been able to rescue himself, but AZ Central reports that he was "distressed by the incident" and needed to be tranquilized by a vet before firefighters could try to help him.

The team managed to lift him out and get him onto the cool decking, when one of the firefighters can clearly be heard asking, "Now what?"


They dragged the drugged Equine to the property's pasture where he slept off the drugs and is now reported to be fine. 

Of course, of course. 

Now get a gate around that pool, you crazy kids!

(by Myka Fox)