The customer is always right about where to leave complimentary chicken.

Redditor tangledintentions works at a Marriott in Ohio. They do their darndest to provide customers with the best possible experience, but some people will just never be satisfied. Unless you give them chicken under their pillows at night. Then they'd be satisfied. Cooked chicken, mind you. Nobody wants raw chicken in their bed; that's disgusting. But some nice crunchy fried drumsticks as a bedtime treat make for a happy customer.

It's the little things that matter, Ohio Marriott. I once stayed at a Hyatt with an ice bucket full of beers, pulled pork* sandwiches in the shower, cut-up celery on the back of the toilet and little bottles of ranch dressing by the sink. That's how you win consumer loyalty, people.

(by Shira Rachel Danan)




Sources: Redditor tangledintentions