Quit your complaining and start entertaining.

Who needs to get outside, anyway? (via)


You don't need all your friends on Facebook and Instagram to post pictures of the weather forecast to know it's cold outside. They're doing it anyway, but if you've dared to leave your house any time in the last couple of weeks, you know it's cold!

Still, while everyone you know is complaining, some people in the coldest, most snowed-over parts of the country (and Canada—can't forget Canada, they are great at being cold) are defeating the weather with sheer bad-assery. Here are some of the best examples of people rocking the winter till the first signs of spring.

1. This toilet ice-skater.

No penalties for butt-ending in this league. (via)

2. These nun's having a snowball fight.

Holy water has so many uses. (via)

3. This dude making perfect sense.

Biggie moved four tons of white no problem. (via)

Here's a video of someone else with the same idea. (Do not try this at home. Or, if you do and burn your house down, don't blame me.)

4. This guy used his ex-wife's wedding dress as snow camouflage.

Let's just hope he's not hunting her. (via)

5. These kittens totally making the most of their owner being cold.

Just warming these up for ya. (via)

And for the cats that dared to leave... their owners filmed them on their first at bat with the snow.

6. This kid who claims he can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Sleeping like a log. Logs sleep outside in the snow, right? (via)