Take your beach chairs and your car floor mats and get out of my life!

The above pic, purportedly a screencap from Google Street View, was posted to Reddit last week under the title, "Google Street View captures the glorious moment when my buddy kicks his now ex-gf out of his house." It quickly shot to the front page of Reddit and spread across the web almost instantly.

We nearly posted it—we wanted to so badly—but it smelled too fake, even with the OP's "backstory."

Cool story. By "cool" we mean, "completely incomprehensible, elucidating nothing."

Now, sensing that the context for a pic on the Internet might be fake is far from a reason to keep from sharing it. In fact, putting up stuff that's probably fake is pretty much our job description. And really, let's get over ourselves. It's not like we're reporting on the protests in Istanbul here.

Sources: Bob Powers