Recycling rules get so confusing, who can remember where to dump your pee bags?
(Image via Brownstoner)

Neighbors, right? They're noisy! They smell up the hallways with their cooking! They fill giant trash bags with their own pee, then toss those trash bags down the garbage chute to pretty much explode all over the basement floor!

That last one might not be as common just yet, but it only takes one tastemaker to start a trend, and that tastemaker lives in a building in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn with some very fed up neighbors. (Is it sexist that I'm assuming this is a dude?)

According to Brownstoner, a mysterious tenant of 301 Cumberland Street in Brooklyn has been plaguing their building with these human waste bombs since November of 2013. The anonymous collector sends his kitchen-sized garbage bags full of pee down the garbage chute, causing them, more often than not, to burst when they land in the basement because that's what happens when trash bags full of pee are dropped from a great height. Science.

After many complaints from the neighbors, the building's management company has finally decided to do something about the problem. They put up a sign.

(Via Brownstoner)

Um, I'm no lawyer, but unless the lease explicitly stated that tenants are not allowed to cause dirigibles full of urine to Hindenberg all over the basement floor, they don't have a leg to stand on.

Not sure how they'll inspect apartments for the culprit. Unless they find someone who removed their toilet to make a second bedroom (yes, in New York, this is quite plausible). 

Perhaps things will calm down for a bit as the culprit stops sending his pee down the chute while he prepares for what will surely be the grossest Ice Bucket Challenge video yet.

(by Bob Powers)

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